Clarify. Plan. Succeed.

We Help People Be & Do their Best 

by Connecting their Passions + Proficiencies 

to their People + Purpose - For Profit.


Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET








The Challenge

Too many People are wasting time & losing opportunity (& money) consuming bloated content from YouTubers-Podcasters-Bloggers who've never actually run a longterm Successful Business outside of their own online platform. We help People narrow their FocusPlan their work/life & Succeed by creating Life/Business Goal Clarity, s.m.a.r.t Action Plans and support Accountability to Execute. Our Clients Learn about their What - Where + Why, develop a Strategy (How) for Next Steps to Accomplish their Desired Outcomes, Commit, Invest and ACT on their priorities! How Can We Help YOU Get Clarity + Plan = Succeed?


You Need Help to Clarify your Life + Work Vision, Create a Plan & Execute, but don't have a Creative Mentor to Guide You, or Support Group of like-minded People to Encourage You & hold you Accountable.


You Feel Alone, Stuck, Confused & Frustrated trying to figure out what to Focus on to move forward on your Life Dreams & Goals. You have so many ideas, but wonder "Can I Really Do This?"


You Deserve a Caring Creative Partner & Group to Help You through the Discovery, Planning & ACTion process, so you can BE & DO Your Best & Accomplish your Dreams & Goals!


Eric Michael Cap 


Your Guide to Life +

Career/BIZ Success!

We Help Christians, Creatives & Entrepreneurs connect their unique Gifts/Talents + Passions + Professional Skills  - to their People (needs) + Purpose (calling-mission) - For (mutual) Profit.

How We Help


We understand how difficult it can be to find the right people to trust with your Life Dreams & Goals; You want someone with proven professional competence & real-world "success" in your fields of interest. But they also need to really care about people, be inspiring, cast vision, affirm, follow-up etc. It's frustrating to work with someone you don't really connect with because they don't share your beliefs/values, passions & purpose, and who don't have the life/work experience to help you get the end-results you desire.

I have 2 Decades of real-world experience as a "ADD" Creative Entrepreneur, Audio/Visual Media Producer & Business Owner. Everyday I get to Do Work I Love for People I Like & Causes I Care About - and Get Paid For It! I'm also a Husband, Father, Christian & Community Leader who believes in proper Work/Life & Mind-Body-Soul Balance. I Love to Help like-minded People Be & Do their Best. Let's Get Started!

Exceedingly Inspirational, Creative & Knowledgeable

" Eric went above and beyond anything I could have ever expected in producing video and flyer design for my campaign. He was exceedingly inspirational, creative and knowledgeable not only about production, but also in the areas of content, delivery and marketing."


- City Council Candidate


From Concept to Finished Product, he was a Pro Every Step of the way

"Eric Michael Cap did an outstanding job producing a 10-minute Corporate Video for Family Promise. From concept to finished product, he was a Pro every step of the way. The video required many interviews in a variety of locations, and he always put his subjects at total ease. And finally, he wove an incredible video tapestry that so clearly tells the Family Promise story through many points of view."

Mary Anderson-Harris

- PR Consultant


They were so Impressed with the Quality of the Program, they wrote us a 6 Figure Check on the spot

"When we previewed the finished Infomercial for potential investors in Los Vegas, they were so impressed with the quality of the program, they wrote us a 6 figure check on the spot!"

Jody Ahrens

- Producer


With our Creative Content you'll feel Inspired To ACT

We provide Inspiring + Practical Content, Coaching & Creative Services @

Affordable Prices, to Help YOU Achieve Your Dream Business & Life Goals.


Product Solutions

@ GOLD STREET we help Amplify & Multiply our Client's Talents/Gifts + Passions + Professional Skills to fulfill their Calling/Mission to Help/Serve their People (Clients/Audience) for mutual Profit. We Can Help Plan & Write your LIFE Story - from your Eulogy & 1-Line Storyline to Life Plan/Vision (10yr, 3-5yr, 1yr), Ideal Day-Week, Annual Goals (Professional/Personal), Routines/Habits, supporting Affirmations & Visualization Boards. We offer Personal & Group Coaching, Pvte. (Online/Local*) Groups & Masterminds, Workshops*, Creative Business Consulting + A/V Products & Installs/Training, and Templates, Presets & Creative Services to help you Produce &/or Promote your ideas. Coming soon (2021/Q1) we'll have our 1st Online Master Course on Goals/Productivity for Creative Pros. Most importantly, we offer flexible scale-able pricing & packages to fit your unique situation. Contact Us Today to Schedule a Call that could Change Your Life!


1:1 Creatives/Entrepreneurs 
Online Groups/Masterminds
Speaking/Teaching Events*


Creative Business Consulting
Affiliate KIT Products/Services
On-Site A/V Installs & Training


Online Courses**
Templates & Presets
Creative Services
* = Subject to Covid-19 Restrictions being Lifted i.e. Move to "Stage-3" in CA | ** = Available - 2021/Q2

Hilaire Brosia

- DP/Cameraman

"Eric is a true class act as a Producer-Director. I have worked with him on two Music Videos and he is a pleasure to collaborate with. He approaches each shoot with detailed shot lists and when we start our production day, everything works like clockwork. His crews are always pros who bring their game face and a good attitude. And to top it off, he pays cash at the end of the day. You can't beat that! I will gladly work with Eric any time."

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The PLAN - Start To Finish

Our Simple 3-Step Success Plan

1. Consultation

Tell us about Your current Needs & Challenges & Schedule a Free CALL so we can Learn More About You.

2. Plan & Start

We'll share some Ideas & Solutions to Help You, along with Pricing, & Begin Work as soon as You're Ready to Start.

3. Success!

We Work Hard with You to Execute Your Project or Program, and Celebrate Your Successful Outcome & Results!

Be SEEN. Be HEARD. Join 1,000's Content Creators.

It's time for YOU to Be Seen & Heard. Download our Free Guide to Learn the 3 Simple Steps to Create Content that Connects Your Audience to Your Message (Purpose) & "Products" For Profit!


Success or Failure? It's Your Choice!

Here's What Can Happen if You Choose to Work with Us, and What Could Happen If You Don't.


  • Get Help to Start & Finish  
  • Save Time & Frustration
  • Save Money & Resources
  • Expand/Grow Your Audience
  • Get Results! Make Money $
  • Change Lives / Communities


  • No Attitude/Behavior Change 
  • Unclear Goals & Vague Plans 
  • Life-Goals/Values Disconnect 
  • Missed Opportunities/Income
  • More Procrastination/Excuses
  • Failed Goals & Discouragement


We Create Transformational Change in People Lives, Families, Careers/Business & Community! Our Client's go from Confused to Clarity & Confidence; from Frustration to Focus & Faith; from Overwhelm to Options & Opportunity; from Stress to Success. We provide Hope, Vision, Affirmation, Inspiration, Advice, Recommendations, and an ACTion Plan with Next Steps. Let's Get Started!


We can only take on a few Clients/Projects at a time, so please Contact Us well before your planned Start Date so we can Discuss Your Needs, Timelines & Options. Cheers!


Featured Success Highlights

Here's some Successful Results We've Achieved



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Content Views

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Our Coaching Team

We Love What We Do & We Love Serving our Client's with Excellence. Every member of the GOLD STREET Coaching/Training Team demonstrates our Core Values of Passion - Service - Excellence! We connect You with best Tips, Tools + Techniques, to Create Joy & Meaning in your Life, and reach Your Audience with Your Message about Your "Products" + Purpose - on any Platform, for mutual "Profit". WHO can We Help You Become?


Creative director

Audio/Visual Story-Teller. Writer. Musician. Photographer. Video Producer. Designer. Host - GOLD STREET Podcast/YouTube.



Spanish VO Dubbing Translator/Script-Super & Voiceover Talent. Spanish & Childcare Teacher. Host - GQ Childcare+Parenting.


SOCIAL MEDIA specialist

UCLA Bio-chemistry Freshman. Singer-Actress-Model. American Heart Assoc. Volunteer. Host - Beauty & Brains Show.



How We Make a Difference

You Have a Story to Tell and We Can Help! We Craft Words + Sound + Pictures to tell Compelling & Engaging Stories about People, Causes & Organizations, that Inspire & Motivate, Change Hearts & Minds, and Make a Difference.

We Manage every aspect of your Project from Conception to Completion (Script to Screen), incl. all the People, Tools & Assets needed to Get The Job Done Right; from Writing & Planning, Casting/Booking Talent, Crew & Gear Rentals, Shooting & Editing Visuals, Recording & Mixing Audio, to Publishing your Content & Marketing on Social & Web.


Featured Clients Success Stories

"Eric and I worked together on several Spanish dubbing projects for Committee for Children. Eric found some great talent for the project and then did some excellent audio production (recording, editing-syncing & mixing). Overall the videos were really well-received and everyone was happy! I'd work with Eric again in a heartbeat. He makes sure the job gets done well and he goes the extra mile to make sure it's done right. It doesn't get much better than that!"

Jim Garcia

- Producer / Director

" Working with Eric is terrific because he is a true professional. I'm very much impressed with Eric's knowledge of audio / editing / production, and more -- plus his energy and easy going nature is very much appreciated. I would recommend him to everyone!"

Jennifer Quinonez

- field writer / producer KCET

"We've worked with Eric and Gloria at Gold Street many times, and I'm always impressed with their energy and professionalism. Whenever we have to translate and dub any of our videos into Spanish, there is no other team I enjoy working with more. From translation to casting to recording and editing, every project flows smoothly and I trust that all of the work is of the highest quality. I cannot recommend them more highly."

Tim Jones


Before You Go - Let's Connect

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Why Should I Work With You?

1. COMPETENCE - We have 2 Decades of Real-World Experience Successfully Serving our diverse Clients in variety of areas, and the Work Samples + Testimonials to prove it. Put simply, we have the Talent & Skills, Tools & Techniques needed to Get The Results You Want. 2. CONNECTION - We Love What We Do & We Love Serving People with Excellence. We Promise a Positive & Painless Working Experience with us. 3. COST - We provide Affordable "Fair-Market" upfront Pricing with (package) options to meet Your Needs & Budget. Read our Win/Win Guarantee & Let's Get Started!

How Soon Can We Start?

As Soon As You're Ready! Let us know When YOU can Start & We'll provide a Timeline in our PLAN based on everyone's Availability.

What's It Going To Cost?

Your Investment depends on the Nature & Scope of the Content, Services &/or Products we're delivering, along with your priorities, values & timelines. Please Contact Us to Schedule a 15-30min. Discovery Call to discuss your Needs & some options.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

You can expect Professional Results delivered to Spec. as per our Work Agreement - on Message, on Time, on Budget!


We’d Love to Talk about What Matters to YOU & How We Can Help.

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