Priorities Template for Todoist 

A custom Project Template to help you Focus on Your Goals, 

Plan Your Monthly & Weekly Priorities, and Get Things Done!

Focus on Your Goals

List Annual Goals & Priorities Professional & Personal.

Plan Your Month & Week

Prioritize your Monthly Goals & Weekly Goal-related Tasks.

Get Things Done!

Time-block Weekly Commitments in Calendar & Sync Pomo-Tracker.

The Challenge

You're an Ambitious Goal-oriented Achiever who wants to Get-Things-Done. But with so much to do, you don't know what high-leverage tasks to Focus on first? What's really going to move the needle? Inside you Feel the Pressure, Stress & Tension of Work & Life. You need a Simple System that will help you Capture your Most Important Goals - Clarify your Priorities + Calendar the Weekly "Big Rocks" (Tasks) to make measurable Progress towards Accomplishing your Goals!

ToDoist 411 Priorities Template


ToDoist 411 Priorities Template

The 411 Priorities Planning Template for Todoist is inspired by The One Thing 411 system. You can use it in a Digital standalone workflow or as part of a Hybrid system with your Productivity Planner or One Thing Planner. Customize it to fit the way you work! Features: Professional & Personal Annual Goals, Monthly & Weekly Goal-Related Priorities. Sync Todoist with PomoDoneApp to use the Pomodoro technique & track time per task. ClickUp version coming.  Click here for instructions on how to Import or Email us for Support..

Get Focussed & Get-Things-Done!

Download our Goals & Priorities Template project file for Todoist. 


Productivity for "ADD" Creatives & Entrepreneurs (2021)

Eric Michael Cap walks you through his Hybrid Productivity System

with Full Focus & Productivity Planners and Todoist Task Manager.

About the Author

Eric Michael Cap is a passionate multi-talented Writer/Producer & Audio/Visual Story-Teller. Eric has run his own successful Creative Agency-Production Business @ GOLD STREET for over 2 Decades in Los Angeles. He's also a Christian, Husband & Father who loves helping & serving like-minded People with excellence. How Can We Help You? #EricMichaelCap #GoldStreet

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