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Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET - makes Media that Matters & Makes a Difference in People's Lives! We can help you tell your unique story, capture the essence of your event, &/or sell your products & services through Video. We have the skills, tools and resources (crew) needed to take your project from conception to completion; from scripting, shooting, editing, adding text, titles & graphics, recording voice-overs, adding music & sound design, video encoding and output for Social/Web, DVD/Blu-Ray &/or Broadcast. We do commercial & corporate work, as well as music and entertainment, social-political campaigns*, community events, non-profit & faith-based projects. We can shoot & edit any format using the latest tools & technology from Canon, Sony, Panasonic & RED. All Video Post is done in Adobe Premiere CC &/or DaVinci Resolve. Message Us today with your Project Details to Schedule a Call & Get a Quote.

Videography services

Creative / Pre-Production

Copywriting/Scripts, Shot Lists & StoryBoards, Locations, Rentals & Crew, Casting/Booking Talent, Post Workflows, Project Mgmt. & Budgets.

Talent Services

Actors & Personalities, Voiceover, DP-Cameramen, Lighting & Grip Assist., Models & Musicians, Editors, Motion Graphic Artists, Animators, Colorists.

Video/Film Shooting

Studio & Location Shoots incl. Events using the best Talent & Tools for the job. HD/4K DSLR/Cinema Cameras, A-Cam/Multi-Cam, Lights & Audio Kits.

Video Editing

HD/4k Multi-Cam Editing in Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve* or Legacy Final Cut Pro 7. Exports & Back-up.

Graphics, Titles & Color

Motion Graphics, Titles & Color in Adobe Premiere - After Effects - Photoshop - DaVinci Resolve etc.

Voiceover + Audio Mix

Voice-over Recording, Dialog Editing & Clean-Up (Noise), Music & SFX, Final "sweetening", levels adj. & MIX.

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YouTube / TV 

 Professional & Affordable Video Editing + Post services for Solopreneurs, Leaders & Businesses.

We have the Creative Talent + Team, Tools + Techniques to create anything you can imagine!


Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET Edits & Finishes a wide variety of Video projects for YouTubers-Podcasters, Entrepreneurs-Businesses, Corporate & Commercial clients, Music-Entertainment companies, as well as Non-Profits, Social-Political Causes/Campaigns & Faith-Based groups. Eric & his Team #GoldStreet can Write, Shoot, Edit, Title, Design Motion Graphics, Color, Record Voice-overs, Compose & Edit Music, Mix Audio, Encode & Output your Finished Project for Web, DVD or Broadcast. We use Apple Mac Pro + MacBook Pro systems running Adobe Premiere CC, DaVinci Resolve 16 & Final Cut Pro 7 for Video, and Avid Pro Tools 12, Audition & Logic Pro X for Audio, plus various 3rd party products/plugins. We can Help Co-Produce & Edit your Video Content to Spec. - on Time & on Budget. Message Us to Schedule a Call to discuss your Video Post needs.