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Video Production

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Video Editing/Post

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We provide Professional, Reliable & Cost-Effective Videography.

We offer Coaching & Consulting to help you Create & Multiply.


Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET - makes Media that Matters & Makes a Difference in People's Lives! We can help you tell your unique story, capture the essence of your event, &/or sell your products & services through Video. We have the skills, tools and resources (crew) needed to take your project from conception to completion; from scripting, shooting, editing, adding text, titles & graphics, recording voice-overs, adding music & sound design, video encoding and output for Social/Web, DVD/Blu-Ray &/or Broadcast. We do commercial & corporate work, as well as music and entertainment, social-political campaigns*, community events, non-profit & faith-based projects. We can shoot & edit any format using the latest tools & technology from Canon, Sony, Panasonic & RED. All Video Post is done in Adobe Premiere CC &/or DaVinci Resolve. Message Us today with your Project Details to Schedule a Call & Get a Quote.

Videography services

Creative / Pre-Production

Copywriting/Scripts, Shot Lists & StoryBoards, Locations, Rentals & Crew, Casting/Booking Talent, Post Workflows, Project Mgmt. & Budgets.

Talent Services

Actors & Personalities, Voiceover, DP-Cameramen, Lighting & Grip Assist., Models & Musicians, Editors, Motion Graphic Artists, Animators, Colorists.

Video/Film Shooting

Studio & Location Shoots incl. Events using the best Talent & Tools for the job. HD/4K DSLR/Cinema Cameras, A-Cam/Multi-Cam, Lights & Audio Kits.

Video Editing

HD/4k Multi-Cam Editing in Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve* or Legacy Final Cut Pro 7. Exports & Back-up.

Graphics, Titles & Color

Motion Graphics, Titles & Color in Adobe Premiere - After Effects - Photoshop - DaVinci Resolve etc.

Voiceover + Audio Mix

Voice-over Recording, Dialog Editing & Clean-Up (Noise), Music & SFX, Final "sweetening", levels adj. & MIX.

Your VIDEOS on YouTube / Social / TV  

Creative Skilled Professional Video Editing + Post for Solopreneurs, Leaders & Businesses.

We have the Creative Talent + Team, Tools + techniques to create anything you can imagine!


Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET Edits & Finishes a wide variety of Video projects for YouTubers-Podcasters, Entrepreneurs-Businesses, Corporate & Commercial clients, Music-Entertainment companies, as well as Non-Profits, Social-Political Causes/Campaigns & Faith-Based groups. Eric & his Team #GoldStreet can Write, Shoot, Edit, Title, Design Motion Graphics, Color, Record Voice-overs, Compose & Edit Music, Mix Audio, Encode & Output your Finished Project for Web, DVD or Broadcast. We use Apple Mac Pro + MacBook Pro systems running Adobe Premiere CC, DaVinci Resolve 16 & Final Cut Pro 7 for Video, and Avid Pro Tools 12, Audition & Logic Pro X for Audio, plus various 3rd party products/plugins. We can Help Co-Produce & Edit your Video Content to Spec. - on Time & on Budget. Message Us to Schedule a Call to discuss your Video Post needs.

Video Editing Services

Video Editing

HD/4k Multi-Cam Editing in Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve* or Legacy Final Cut Pro 7. Exports & Uploads.

Graphics, Titles & Color

Motion Graphics, Titles & Color in Adobe Premiere - After Effects - Photoshop - DaVinci Resolve etc.

Voiceover + Audio Mix

Voice-overs, Audio Editing & Clean-Up (Noise Reduction), Music & SFX, Final "sweetening", loudness levels & Mix.

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Ai: Attention & Interest

Beautiful Pictures and Stories  

We provide Beautiful, Professional & Cost-Effective Photography for our Clients.

We also offer Content, Coaching & Products to help Photographers Succeed.


Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET specializes in Beautiful Filmic Images, Photo-Journalism & Event/BTS (Behind-The-Scenes) Photography. We can Help You Tell Your Story with a combination of Attention & Interest grabbing Still & Moving Pictures that capture the "essence" of who you are, your organization or event. We also do Portraits, Music-Fashion-Entertainment shoots, and higher-end Corporate & Commercial work for select Client projects. Eric's current kit consists of a full-frame Canon 6D with 24-105mm/f4 IS & 70-200mm/f4 IS L Lens, 2 x Canon 80D with 17-55mm/f2.8 IS Lenses, Canon 7D + 60D with 18-135mm & 50mm Lens. Lighting Kit includes PhotoFlex softboxes, Canon speedlites, Lowel & Westcott gear. All photo editing work is done in Adobe Lightroom Classic & compositing in Photoshop CC. Please Contact Us via the below Form to discuss your Photography needs. 

Photographer Services

Photo-Journalism / Events

Corporate, Community, Political/News, Film/TV BTS, Public Figures, Music & Performing Arts, Non-Profit/Church.

Campaign Shoots

Advertising, Commercial, Corporate, Socio-Political Causes/Candidates, Music/Ent., Non-Profit & Churches.

Portraits / Headshots

Professional/Corporate, Political Candidates*, Musicians - Actors - Models, Social Media Profiles etc.

Photo Editing

Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop Editing incl. Re-Touching / Beauty & Color.

Talent Casting + Crew

Casting Talent, Hiring Crew, Studio-Location Rentals, Cameras/Lights+

Stock Photos

Select Stock Photos available for Licensing for Commercial use. $POA.

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3. Success!

We Work Hard with You to Execute Your Project or Program, and Celebrate Your Successful Outcome & Results!

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  • Save Time & Frustration
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  • Get Results! Make Money $
  • Change Lives / Communities


  • Amateur Audio/Visual Content
  • Confusing & Unclear Messaging
  • Missed Deadlines. Over-Budget.
  • Bad Work Chemistry/Experience
  • Mis-Communications/Ball-Drops
  • Failed Product-Launch-Campaign


We Create Transformational Media Content that Matters & Makes a Difference! Our Audience & Client's go from Confused to Clarity & Confidence; from Frustration to Focus & Faith; from Overwhelm to Options & Opportunity; from Stress to Success. We provide Hope, Vision, Affirmation, Inspiration, Advice, Recommendations, and an ACTion Plan with Next Steps. Let's Get Started!


We can only take on a few Clients/Projects at a time, so please Contact Us well before your planned Start Date so we can Discuss Your Needs, Timelines & Options. Cheers!


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Our Creative Team

We Love What We Do & We Love Serving our Client's with Excellence. Every member of the GOLD STREET Creative Team demonstrates our Core Values of Passion - Service - Excellence! We connect You with best Talent, using the best Tools + Techniques, to Create whatever A/V Media Content is needed to reach Your Audience with Your Message about Your "Products" + Purpose - on any Platform. What can We Help You Create?

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Creative director

Audio/Visual Story-Teller. Writer. Musician. Photographer. Video Producer. Designer. Host - GOLD STREET Podcast/YouTube.

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Spanish VO Dubbing Translator/Script-Super & Voiceover Talent. Spanish Teacher. Host - GQ Childcare+Parenting Podcast/YouTube.

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on camera - production - post

Actors & Models, DP/Cameramen, Video Editors, Animators, Colorists, Motion Graphic Artists, Photographers, L&G, Hair/MUA...

Exceedingly Inspirational, Creative & Knowledgeable

" Eric went above and beyond anything I could have ever expected in producing video and flyer design for my campaign. He was exceedingly inspirational, creative and knowledgeable not only about production, but also in the areas of content, delivery and marketing."


- City Council Candidate


From Concept to Finished Product, he was a Pro Every Step of the way

"Eric Michael Cap did an outstanding job producing a 10-minute Corporate Video for Family Promise. From concept to finished product, he was a Pro every step of the way. The video required many interviews in a variety of locations, and he always put his subjects at total ease. And finally, he wove an incredible video tapestry that so clearly tells the Family Promise story through many points of view."

Mary Anderson-Harris

- PR Consultant


They were so Impressed with the Quality of the Program, they wrote us a 6 Figure Check on the spot

"When we previewed the finished Infomercial for potential investors in Los Vegas, they were so impressed with the quality of the program, they wrote us a 6 figure check on the spot!"

Jody Ahrens

- Producer


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1. COMPETENCE - We have 2 Decades of Real-World Experience Successfully Serving our diverse Clients in variety of areas, and the Work Samples + Testimonials to prove it. Put simply, we have the Talent & Skills, Tools & Techniques needed to Get The Results You Want. 2. CONNECTION - We Love What We Do & We Love Serving People with Excellence. We Promise a Positive & Painless Working Experience with us. 3. COST - We provide Affordable "Fair-Market" upfront Pricing with (package) options to meet Your Needs & Budget. Read our Win/Win Guarantee & Let's Get Started!

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As Soon As You're Ready! Let us know When YOU can Start & We'll provide a Timeline in our PLAN based on everyone's Availability.

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Your Investment depends on the Nature & Scope of the Content, Services &/or Products we're delivering, along with your priorities, values & timelines. Please Contact Us to Schedule a 15-30min. Discovery Call to discuss your Needs & some options.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

You can expect Professional Results delivered to Spec. as per our Work Agreement - on Message, on Time, on Budget!


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