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Songs, Music Tracks & Mixing. 


Video, Social & Web Marketing.
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Personal Coaching & Artist Mgmt.
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The Mission

We help talented music performers create a platform for their art, from artist identity to song production and marketing, so they can connect to their audience and serve them in both a personal and profitable manner. We do this in a way that creates more freedom, fulfillment, and work-life balance.

LA Mixer

The Challenge

There are so many talented artists without contracts who deserve a platform so they can serve the world through their art. However, not fitting the desired "commercial" (pop music) artist image, sound, or age can stand in the way of them getting signed. They want to continue to record and release new music and videos, create fun fan content, and monetize it in a way that fits their values & lifestyle, while giving them time to pursue other personal life goals. Because there aren't many options for them, they struggle not knowing where to start with producing & sharing their music, and feel like they can't do it without a big company behind them.

Life Goals

The Solution

We partner with established and up-and-coming singers/performers to create a holistic plan they can follow to build their own music platform. We offer services and coaching in artist identity, vision & goal setting, new music & content production, and creative business marketing plans. Together, these set our clients up for success in reaching, engaging & growing their audience, and monetizing their music content & brand.


Eric Michael Cap 


Your Music Career + Business Partner!

I help busy creative Music Artists & Entrepreneurs Plan and Produce their Music, Video & Social Content, so they can Entertain & Engage their Audience & Grow a sustainable Business.

How I Help


I understand how difficult it can be to find the right people to work with. You want competent professional creative 'business' partners with integrity who really care, and great work chemistry. It's frustrating to work with someone who doesn't share your creative vision & passion, who you don't connect with, and who can't deliver your music + content in a timely manner, or the end-results you desire.

I have 3 Decades of Real-World experience as a Songwriter, Music Producer & Creative Business Owner delivering professional Music Content for diverse artists/clients encompassing Pop, R&B, Dance, Rock, Christian/Gospel, Musicals and World music styles. You can see select Work Samples from the last 30+ years in my Music Portfolio & read Testimonials from some of my Happy Clients.

Eric is very professional and committed to his work.

"Eric is very professional and committed to his work. He has always been honest and helpful in regards to song structure and formation. He is dedicated to making certain his production and input are at its best. As well as providing a comfortable environment , he doesn't make you feel rushed. He's efficient, well-knowledged and honest-to-good producer. Highly recommended."

Rosy Morales

- Singer & Songwriter


It was so great and so very encouraging for me.

"I too absolutely enjoyed working with you Eric.

It was so great and so very encouraging for me to get into the studio & to hear my voice come out and to be pleased with it.

You did a great job and I really had so much fun. Thanks a million!"

Laurice Monica

- Singer / Vocalist


has a knack for getting to the heart of a song to bring out the best in it

"“ Eric’s cool, he doesn’t hang about. He’s straight onto the production, gives you loads of feedback and has a knack of getting to the heart of a song to bring out the best in it”"

"This session's turning out to be brilliant. I love 'Music of the Night' and (again) it improves each time I hear it. Lovely arrangement and vocals. I'm a real fan of Laurice's, everyone I play the songs to is the same. I think the song has a sort of jazz r&b feel."

David Coe

- Songwriter (BMI)


Music Product & Service Offerings

@ GOLD STREET artists can continue to use their unique talents doing what they love to serve their audience in a more personal & profitable manner, while enjoying freedom & fulfillment in their personal/family life areas. Our core product offering are: Music/Content Creation, Coaching/Management, and Marketing/Promotion. Contact Us Today to Schedule a Call discuss your needs.


Music Track Production 
Recording & Mixing 
Video & Photography


Life Vision, Goals & Plans 
Career/Business Strategy
Personal Coaching & Support
Artist Business Management


Values & Identity Branding/Opps.
Visuals: Photo-Video-Graphics
Marketing: Web + Social Media Advertising/Cause Campaigns 

Nathan Sassover

- Composer / Pianist

music video production los angeles

"Let me express my views on the excellent job you did on this recording project. 'Interior States' was challenging because of the need to edit/master tracks which had been recorded on two different pianos over a period of a few years. This required real attention to tonal balance, overall sound stage, and attention to the intricate dynamics of the musical pieces to assure continuity throughout the 43 tracks which were ultimately chosen for the 3 CD set. Eric's work was consistently on top of each phase, showed real diligence as we critically narrowed our choices and refined the overall "presence' of the music. Great organization of data and communication during this process further assured the end product which is receiving very positive response from a wide range of listeners."

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The PLAN - Start To Finish

Our Simple 3-Step Success Plan

1. Plan
Contact us to Schedule a CALL to PLAN your Project & Action Steps
2. Produce
Start Work Producing your Songs / Music Content for your Audience
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3. Promote
Create Promotional MKT Content for Web-Social-Video Platforms
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We can only take on a few Clients/Projects at a time, so please Contact Us well before your planned Start Date so we can Discuss Your Needs, Timelines & Options. Cheers!



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How We Can Make a Difference

Our VISION: To create entertaining & fun pop music, content, and opportunities for artists who don’t fit the industry 'ideals' re age, looks (beauty/weight) or beliefs, incl. former signed artists-groups, trainees, as well as current music group members' solo projects, and to transform the music-entertainment industry by promoting faith-based values, work/life balance, and a loving & inspiring support community (oasis) for those wanting to crossover into the U.S.-Int’l. markets and monetize their brand-content. #bettertogether #create #opportunity #freedom #joinus


Music Success Stories

"Best of the bunch though is 'Watching the City Come Alight'. It's got a decent melody, an infectious chorus and the tempo is just above a ballad, you know the kind of beat beloved of modern soul boys. Through it all Laurice's voice is strong and soulful and again we make the point that real soul is out there it just needs searching out."

Bill Buckley

- blues & soul magazine

"Eric is very dependable, professional and reasonable. He's one of the best in the industry. I'm very proud to have worked with him. He did a great job on these songs."

Cornelius Williams

- Life after death records

"Big thumbs up to 'Watching the City Come Alight'. As you say, 'silky smooth'. It sort of sways along, very sexy. Great production and vocals ""

Dave Coe

- honey groove records

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