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Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET Produce Professional Podcasts for iTunes & other Podcast Platforms, as well as Live Audio/Video Streaming to YouTube & FaceBook. We can help you Plan & Write your Show, set-up your Hosting Service for RSS delivery to all major platforms, create Music Intros & Transitions, Produce Paid Sponsor AD's, Publish Show Notes, and Promote + Advertise your program on the Web & Social Media.

We offer both In-House & Mobile On-Site Recording of Multi-Episodes @ an economical day rate and fast Post-Production turnaround. We can connect & record up-to 4 Microphones & Headphones, Switch Live between up-to 4 HD Video Cameras for Video Podcasts, and playback Audio/Video Clips & Slides to external Monitors-Projectors via HDMI. Have a remote guest you want to interview? We can connect your Phone via Bluetooth or with a TRS cable, or incorporate Skype calls while automatically providing “mix-minus” audio to prevent echo being heard by the caller. Remote Guest Interviews never sounded so good! We can also easily incorporate Music/Jingles, Sound Effects/Applause and Pre-Recorded Ads LIVE to give your Podcast that Radio Broadcast polish.

We use high-end Studio Microphones from Electro-Voice, Neumann, Sennheiser, RODE & Shure. Our Audio Recording Interfaces use Class A Preamps & crystal clean A/D/A Convertors to deliver pristine Broadcast quality audio with an incredible low-noise floor. This signal is enhanced with build-in Compression, Noise-Gates & Limiting to ensure your sound has a rich warm tone.

Your Recorded Audio can be enhanced further in Post within Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro or Adobe Audition DAW's using plugins from Waves (SSL, API etc.) & Izotope (RX7). We record both Separate Tracks and a combined Stereo Mix to a SD card and our MacBook Pro laptop via USB into our DAW's @ 24bit/48k or higher, and output optimized Audio & Video files @ the proper levels for maximum fidelity.

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English / Spanish 

We provide Professional, Affordable Multi-Voice VO Recording & Dubbing services.

We also offer in-house Talent - Casting & Translations to save you Time & Money.


Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET provides professional broadcast-quality Voice Over recording, editing, syncing & mixing services at competitive rates. We specialize in VO projects for Video that require casting & recording multiple Voices. Eric has 20+ years experience recording voice animation & foreign language dubbing, ADR for TV/Film, podcasts, web & social media content, radio & TV commercials, corporate & industrial videos, documentaries, and DVD/BR audio commentaries, We also record voice for coaching & e-Learning programs, audio books, toys & family-friendly video games, deliverable via FTP/Web/Cloud (wav/aif/mp3). We're blessed to have access to some of the best English & native speaking Spanish Talent in the world in L.A. We provide in-house casting & translation services & full project management. Message Us to Schedule a Call or request a Quote, or text 818.570.3752 to check our Producer/Studio & Talent availability.