Using a Hybrid Productivity System to G.T.D!

Learn How to Plan, Focus, Work Smarter, Get-Things-Done & Accomplish your most Important Goals… even if you have ADD!

Course Launches on July 7th 2021


If you struggle with ADD, Procrastination, or F.T.I. (Failure-to-Implement), this Course is For YOU!


You've invested in various Planners, Task Managers, Books, Online Courses, etc., but it's Not Helping; You still feel like you're spinning your wheels on a treadmill in the whirlwind of day-to-day work challenges and a never-ending To-Do List. You love the feeling of writing things down on paper, but you work in a Digital World with so many moving pieces & people & products to manage. On top of that, you're an "ADD" Creative / Entrepreneur type who has more ideas than time & resources. 

I understand the overwhelm & frustration you feel, and I battle the temptation of spreading myself too thin, trying to do too much, and not making the kind of progress I desire, or seeing the successful fruits of my labor. And while I'm still very much a "work-in-progress", I've learned a few things I can do consistently to Get Organized & Get-Things-Done; Focus on just a few Goals, Roles & Projects every Quarter - Week - Day, to create the most value for the People I serve & the highest (mutual) ROI. I'd like to share this with you in a course I've titled: Productivity for "ADD" Creatives & Entrepreneurs - using a Hybrid system to G.T.D!  - EMC

Productivity for "ADD" Creatives & Entrepreneurs

In this course, I'll walk you through Hybrid Productivity Systems using various Planners incl. The Full Focus Planner, Productivity Planner & The One Thing 411 Planning system, along with Todoist Pro for Project & Task management.

You'll Learn how to manage my Annual + Quarterly Goals, Weekly Priorities + Projects, and Daily Tasks. I'll show you how I Capture my Ideas & Todo's on Paper first, then Clarify my Weekly/Daily Priorities, Organize them in my Task Manager, and then Commit - Calendar + Share my "Big 3"+ MVPs (aka Most Valuable Priorities).

We'll go through the Weekly Preview process of Review & Planning, setting your Weekly Goals/MVP's, and listing all the Other "stuff" (i.e. Secondary Tasks) you need/want to do. I'll share my Workday Startup & Shutdown Routines, Daily Mind + Body + Soul Habits, Time Blocking Your (Ideal) Week, Productivity Tools, and How I manage my ADD to stay focussed, eliminate distractions & make daily progress towards my goals.

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Create a Hybrid Paper/Digital System to Plan & Execute on Your Annual + Qtrly/Mthly + Weekly Goals & Priorities

Learn Annual & Quarterly Goal Planning
Weekly & Daily Priorities and Execution
Tracking Progress & Accountability

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

When you Sign Up you'll received a Confirmation Email and Links to set up an Account you can Log-in to access the Course Materials when we Go Live. The Course consists of 7 Modules with Text & Audio/Video Lessons. We also have Downloadable PDF Worksheets to help you apply what you've learned. It takes 3-4 hours to complete the course, depending on your application. You'll also get free access to any updated lessons in the future and Lifetime Access!

Get Clarity

In this Course you'll Get Clarity on What You Want & Why? We'll Start with the End in Mind & Reverse-Engineer your Year & ea. Quarter or Month.

Get a Plan

A flexible Plan for How to Achieve your Goals. What Next-Action Steps You Can Do this Week-Today to Move Fwd? What's your Lead Domino?

Get Things Done!

Commit - Calendar + Share your Weekly MVPs with an Accountability Partner. Track & Report your Progress regularly to Execute!

Course Modules & Lessons


Module 1: Introduction

1a. Course Overview

1b. Productivity Tips for "ADD" Creatives


Module 2: Using an "Analog" Paper Planner

2a. Paper Planners - Overview & Benefits

2b. Using the Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt Co.

2c. Using the Productivity Planner by Intelligent Change

2d. Using The 1-Thing 411 Planner worksheet


Module 3: Using Digital Task Manager Apps

3a. Using a Task Manager in a Hybrid System

3b. Using ToDoist Pro & Business for Teams

3c. Other Task & Project Manager options

3d. Using our Custom Productivity Templates in ToDoist


Module 4: Time & Pomodoro Tracking

4a. Using Time & Pomodoro Trackers to Get-Things-Done!

4b. Productivity Planner Pomo/Time Tracking

4c. PomoDoneApp Tracking/Reports

4d. RescueTime App Tracking/Reports


Module 5: Weekly Previews - How to Review & Plan

5a. Weekly Preview Process Overview & Why It's Important

5b. Full Focus Planner Weekly Previews

5c. Productivity Planner Weekly Review & Planning

5d. Weekly Digital Productivity Reports & Scores


Module 6: Quarterly Reviews, Planning & Accountability

6a. Monthly/Quarterly Reports, Reviews & Previews

6b. Coaching Calls & Accountability


Module 7: Summary & Bonus Materials

7a. Summary & Challenge

7b. Workday Startup & Shutdown Routines

7c. 1-Thing 66-Day Habit Challenge

7d. Journalling, Affirmations & Visualization

7e. Big Picture Life & Goal Planning

7f.  The Secret Weapon of Prayer & Meditation



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About The Course Teacher,
(Eric Michael Cap)

Eric Michael Cap is a passionate multi-talented Content Creator, Marketing Professional & Coach. Eric has run his own successful Creative Agency / Production Business @ GOLD STREET for over 2 Decades in Los Angeles, fulfilling the roles of Creative Dir/Mgr, Writer/Producer & Audio/Video Editor-Mixer. He's a committed Christian, Husband & Father who loves helping & serving like-minded People with excellence. How Can We Help You? #EricMichaelCap #GoldStreet #creative #content #marketing #coaching


Here’s what people are saying about ERIC

Exceedingly Inspirational, Creative & Knowledgeable

" Eric went above and beyond anything I could have ever expected in producing video and flyer design for my campaign. He was exceedingly inspirational, creative and knowledgeable not only about production, but also in the areas of content, delivery and marketing."


- City Council Candidate


From Concept to Finished Product, he was a Pro Every Step of the way

"Eric Michael Cap did an outstanding job producing a 10-minute Corporate Video for Family Promise. From concept to finished product, he was a Pro every step of the way. The video required many interviews in a variety of locations, and he always put his subjects at total ease. And finally, he wove an incredible video tapestry that so clearly tells the Family Promise story through many points of view."

Mary Anderson-Harris

- PR Consultant


He makes sure the job gets done well and he goes the extra mile to make sure it's done right

"Overall the videos were really well-received and everyone was happy! I'd work with Eric again in a heartbeat. He makes sure the job gets done well and he goes the extra mile to make sure it's done right. It doesn't get much better than that!""

Jim Garcia

- Producer


This Course will Help You Capture, Clarify & Commit to your Weekly Priorities & Get-Things-Done!

The Struggle is Real

I want as many people as possible to have access to this material, so we've created 2 simple packages to help you design a custom hybrid system that works for you, regardless of your Planner or Task Manager. And because I value your time, there's no added fluff here - just clear & concise content you can Act-on immediately.  Learn how I use various productivity tools to run my business, create content, market & sell my products & services, serve my people/clients, and balance my personal & family life.

You could easily spend 3-to-10 times more for similar "premium" content and not get the principals, practical productivity tips, or personal support I offer in our advanced course package. In fact, most reputable productivity coaching starts @ $300/Hr! You can watch this course & start planning your work & personal life today with our bonus Weekly/Daily Worksheets & Custom Productivity Templates for Todoist. We also offer Discount Codes to some of our favorite Planners!

Imagine being able to knock off work early (3-4pm) without any angst or guilt to pick up your kids, exercise, read, write, play...or just relax (you deserve it!), knowing you've done what matters most. Start enjoying your Work & Family & Life again by taming your todo's & making "your work" work for you. Cheers! - EMC

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We Guarantee you'll become more Productive by putting into Practice what you Learn in this Course. We Offer a 30 Day $99 Money Back Guarantee if you're not satisfied with the Course Content. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Course for?

This Course is for Creatives, Entrepreneurs/Business Owners, People with ADD/ADHD, Full Focus Planner &/or Productivity Planner users, Todoist users, Project/Team Managers, and anyone who just wants to be More Productive!

What will I Learn? 

Click Here for an overview of what you'll Learn when you take the Course.

How will this make me more Productive?

You'll have a proven framework to create your own custom "Hybrid" Productivity System for Purposeful Planning, Prioritizing Weekly/Daily Tasks, Project & People Mgm't, and Promo-Time Tracking that combines the best Analog & Digital tools.

Will this benefit me if I only use 1 System?

YES! If you're a new Full Focus or Productivity Planner user you'll learn how you can use a Paper Planner to organize your Life + Work Goals & Priorities, Weekly & Daily Tasks etc. If you prefer a Digital Tool to manage your projects/people, I'll show you how to implement the same principals in Todoist, working from your Annual - Quarterly Goals - Weekly Priorities, and Pomo/Time Tracking Sync.

What Support do you offer?

We offer Support via Email, a Pvte. Gold Street Facebook Group & a 30min. Coaching Call for Advanced/Premium Course members. Additional Coaching/Training packages are available here

When & Where can I do the Course? 

The Reg. Course Launches early January. The Adv.-Premium package with Pvte. Support is available for Sign-Ups until Jan 31st. We plan to Re-Open Sign-Ups for New Members  in Q2/April. Click here to get on the Wait-List. (Enter Course name in Subject line & your Full Name)

A Personal Note

I want to personally encourage you to commit today to Being & Doing Your Best! I believe this course can help you be more productive & get more of the right things done. I'm proud to share my "hybrid" system with you, and I hope you sign up so I can teach you how to overcome common productivity roadblocks and achieve your Goals!

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