Productivity for "ADD" Creatives & Entrepreneurs

7 Modules 0 Chapters 31 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Eric Michael Cap @ GOLD STREET shares his Hybrid Productivity system using Full Focus & Productivity Planners with a custom Productivity Template he created in ToDoist Pro. The Principals taught can be used by anyone with any Planner + Task Manager combination with some custom tweaks to fit your unique work style & situation.

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Course Structure


1b. Course Video Review (3:12) * new

Catherine Giese review of Gold Street's Productivity Course taught by founder Eric Michael Cap. Learn how to connect your work to your higher-purpose, use paper & digital planning tools to prioritize & accomplish goals, and boundaries to enjoy an enriching work-life balance.

1c. ADD Productivity Tips *

Gold Street Founder & Creative Leader Eric Michael Cap shares some of the habits & routines he uses as an "ADD" Creative Entrepreneur - to optimize Productivity & Performance. In this episode you'll learn: The importance of Sleep & Exercise; Morning & Workday Start-up Routines; Using Paper & Digital Planning Tools to G.T.D.; Workday & Evening Shutdown Rituals; Nutrition, Supplements & Med's; The power of narrowing your Focus; Controlling Distractions & Interruptions; How to Automate-Delegate-Eliminate; External Visualization Tools; How Inputs effect Mental Health

1d. UCLA College Student Testimonial (1:00) * new

UCLA Student Jasmine shares a brief testimonial on how the Gold Street Productivity Course has helped her get organized and stay on top of all her College commitments; from classes to homework assignments, study plans, work, volunteering, social events, etc.

2a. Paper Planners – Overview & Benefits (1:55)

Paper Planners - Overview & Benefits.

2b. Using the Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt Co (24:03)

Using the Full Focus Planner by Mchael Hyatt Co.(v2a)

2c. Using the Productivity Planner by Intelligent Change (7:30)

Using the Productivity Planner + 5 Minute Journal by Intelligent Change with The One Thing 411. * V2 *

2d. Bonus Q&A’s: Which Planner? (4:23)

Bonus: Q&A - Which Planner to Start? (Full Focus Planner or Productivity Planner system?) * V2

2e. Quarterly Productivity Planner (6:29) * new

Catherine Giese @GoldStreetVideo review of the new Quarterly Productivity Planner by Intelligent Change. Learn how to use paper planners & digital tools to be more productive.

2f. The 1-Thing 411 Planner worksheet

Annual + Monthly + Weekly Top 5 Prioriities XLS worksheet with Core Values

3a. Using ToDoist Pro + Full Focus Planner in a Hybrid system (5:19)

Using ToDoist Pro + Full Focus Planner in a Hybrid system with our Productivity Template

3b. Using ToDoist + Productivity Planner / 1-Thing 411 system (2:56)

Using ToDoist + Productivity Planner / 1-Thing 411 system with our Priorities Template

3c. Click-Up & Other Task/Project Managers options (3:26)

Covering ClickUp, Asana & Other options for Project Mgmt & Task Catch-All's.

3d. Using Digital Task Managers: Questions & Answers (9:47)

Q&A: Using Digital Task Managers in a Hybrid system

4a. Time Tracking & Reports with PomoDoneApp (5:27)

PomoDoneApp Time Tracking & Reports

4b. Productivity Tracking with RescueTime (4:34)

RescueTime Productivity + Time Tracking

4c. Health & Activity Tracking with Garmin Connect (3:00)

Garmin Health & Activity Tracking to Maximize Productivity (& Fun)

5a. Weekly Previews – Full Focus Planner (7:37)

Weekly Previews using the Full Focus Planner system

5b. Weekly Previews - Productivity Planner (6:48)

Productivity Planner (Pt2) - Weekly Review & Planning + Scores.

5c. Morning & Workday Start/End Routines (4:16)

Daily Rituals excerpt from Full Focus Planner Course Video Lesson by Eric Michael Cap @ GOLD STREET. In this video, you'll learn how to show up @ your Best & maximize your Productivity through Daily Morning, Workday Startup & Shutdown Routines. #morningroutines #dailyrituals #fullfocusplanner

5d. 2021 Morning Workday Routine (2:38)

Daily Morning Workday Startup excerpt from Productivity Planner + 5 Minute Journal Video Lesson by Eric Michael Cap @ GOLD STREET. In this video, you'll learn how to Optimize Your Work Productivity through a reflective Daily AM Workday Start-up Routine that cultivates a positive Attitude of Gratitude. Learn More @ #MorningRoutine #5MinuteJournal #ProductivityPlanner

5e. Wkly Productivity Scores & Reports

How I Track my Productivity, Time, Tasks, Money & Health.


6a. Coaching Calls & Accountability (6:18)

Coaching Calls, Wkly Stand-Up Meetings & Accountability

6b. Q&A + Affirmations & Visualization (4:40)

Coaching Q&A + Affirmations & Visualization tips.

6d. Quarterly Previews

How to Review & Reset ea. QTR.

6e. Workday Start-Up & Shut-Down Routines

The Importance of having a Workday Start-Up & Shut-Down Ritual and what mine looks like.


7a. Big Picture EOL Legacy Values (16:16)

Eulogy Exercize - Legacy, Core Values + Imagining Your Ideal Day.

7b. Life Goal Planning: 10-5-1 Year (12:54)

Bonus Lesson: Life Goals 10-1yr

7c. Higher Purpose & Prayer (4:24)

Course Wrap covering our Higher Purpose & Prayer