Productivity Template for Todoist 

A custom Project Template to help you Focus on Your Goals, Plan Your Weekly & Daily Priorities, and Get Things Done!

Focus on Your Goals

List Annual Goals & break-down Action Steps as Projects/Tasks.

Plan Your Week & Day

Prioritize your Weekly Goals & Tasks, Daily #3 + "Other" Todos.

Get Things Done!

Schedule Commitments & Sync. Calendar & Time/Pomo-Tracker.

The Challenge

You're a Goal-oriented High-Achiever who wants to be more Productive & Get-Things-Done. But with so much work to do, you don't know What Priority to Focus on next? -  i.e., so many great ideas but not enough hours in the day/week to do it all. You Feel Overwhelmed, Frustrated & Stuck. You need a Tool that will help you Capture - Clarify + Calendar your Most Important tasks, overcome Procrastination & Help You make Daily Progress towards completing your Goals & Projects!

ToDoist Productivity Template


ToDoist Productivity Template #1

Productivity Template for Todoist. Use in a Digital standalone workflow or as part of a Hybrid system with your Analog Planner of choice (Full Focus PlannerProductivity Planner, etc.). Customize to fit the way you work! Features: Annual & Quarterly Goals, Weekly & Daily Priority Tasks, Daily/Weekly Rituals, etc. Sync Todoist with PomoDoneApp to use the Pomodoro technique & track time per task. Click here for instructions on how to Import or Email us for Support.

Get Organized & Get-Things-Done!

Download our Productivity Template CSV project file for Todoist. 


Productivity for "ADD" Creatives & Entrepreneurs

Eric Michael Cap walks us through his Hybrid Productivity System with Full Focus & Productivity Planners and Todoist & ClickUp Task-Project Managers.

Productivity for "ADD" Creatives & Entrepreneurs

In this course, I'll walk you through my Hybrid Productivity System using the Full Focus & Productivity Planners and Todoist Pro for Projects & Tasks. You'll Learn how I manage my Annual + Quarterly Goals, Weekly Priorities + Projects, and Daily Tasks. I'll show you how I Capture my Ideas & Todo's on Paper first, then Clarify my Weekly/Daily Priorities, Organize them in my Task Manager, and then Commit - Calendar + Share my "Big 3" MVP's (Most Valuable Priorities). We'll go through the Weekly Preview process of Review & Planning, setting your Weekly Goals/MVP's, and listing all the Other "stuff" (i.e. Secondary Tasks) you need/want to do. I'll share my Workday Startup & Shutdown routines, Daily Mind + Body + Soul Habits, Time Blocking your Ideal Week, Productivity Tools, and How I manage my ADD to stay focussed, eliminate distractions & make daily progress towards my goals.


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