Make 2023 Your Best Year Ever with our New Year Goal Planning Workshop

Accomplish More than ever before by Doing Less… even if you have ADHD!

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Save $50 off reg. pricing with Early-Bird Enrollment until Nov .30th, 2022 

Jump-Start 2023 by clarifying your most important goals and who you want to become

Too many people are living with the discontent & regret that comes from hoping & "wishing" their goals into existence. They start each New Year with excitement & well-intentioned resolutions only to fail to follow through doing what they said they were going to do. I understand the feelings of lament & failure so many people experience from broken habit commitments & failure-to-execute on their business plans. 

As a dreamer, I've learned how to go from "hoping" to experiencing weekly wins, and making measurable progress towards my "big rocks". I've also learned to enjoy the journey & process of becoming "better", celebrating the measurable gains that come from intentional investing of my limited time (& resources) into my most important life goals. I'm super excited to share some of the tools I've used to move from dreamer to do-er in our new Goal Planning Workshop.

Don't let another year go by without experiencing lasting personal changes & business/career break-throughs - get the help & support you need to clarify, plan & execute on your priorities & projects. Enroll Now!

GOLD STREET Goal Planning Workshop

Join other Creative & purpose-driven Entrepreneurs for a 1/2 Day Goal Setting course workshop. Discover your core values, imagine your 10year/someday goals, work backwards to your 3-5yr vision and 2023 goal priorities. Determine your lead domino habits and join an accountability group to help you become the person you desire. #goals #2023 #newyear #newyou #bestversion #habits #values 

Who is this for?

The Dreamer

Creative Entrepreneur

You're a Creative Entrepreneur striving to try to turn your ideas into a profitable business using your unique talents.

The Learner

Career Professional

You're a Career Professional striving to learn new skills to add more value & better serve your company/clients.

The Doer

Business Owner

You're a Business Owner looking to grow & scale while maintaining a healthy & happy work/life balance.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Commit & Sign Up

LIFE GOALS & dreams

Start with the End in Mind. Imagine your EOL Someday or 10yr Goals & Vision.

5-1 Year GOALS

Work backwards to roadmap your 5yr & 1yr Life Goal Milestones.

HABITs & timeblocks

Plan your Priorities! What can do every mth/wk to execute on your Annual Goals.

Upon sign-up you'll receive a confirmation email with details of how to join us live on Zoom for our Annual Goals Intensive. One week before the Live Online Event you'll receive a reminder email with links to download the Workshop materials and a final email notification a day before. Simply click the Zoom link to join the Live Workshop. If you missed the Live Workshop you'll receive access to the Online Course Workshop instead. During our morning session we'll go through a series of exercises to help you Clarify your 2023 Goals & Priorities by narrowing your focus to the few key things that will help you accomplish your 5-10 year Life Goals & Business Vision. We'll create a 1 page Success Plan around the key activities you need to do every month-week-day to Achieve Your Goals. We'll then create a Goals G.P.S. (Goal Planning sheet) for your #1-Thing, which you can replicate & complete later for each Work/Personal Goal every Quarter.

Those who sign-up for the Silver Workshop + Breakout Session package will receive an extra 2hrs of Group Goal setting time to work through your Calendar to Time-Block your Rest/Vacation time, along with the regular Daily/Weekly Goal Actions needed to make consistent measurable progress. You'll also be asked to commit to 1 new Habit you can do every day to become the person you need/want to be for those you love/serve, and join an accountability group you can check in with and receive support from so you don't have to journey alone. The following week everyone will receive an email with a link to access the Goal Planning Course/Workshop replay and a survey. Those who have signed up for the Gold Full Workshop + Coaching package will receive a link to schedule their bonus Coaching call as well as our Productivity for Creative Entrepreneurs Course to help you Win @ Work + Life by Planning & Executing on Your Most Valuable Priorities. #GTD *** SIGN-UP BY NOV. 30TH FOR SPECIAL EARLY-BIRD PRICING ***

Goals Sessions

- Here's what you'll learn & leave with.


Part 1: Life Goals

  • EOL Goals & Accomplishments
  • EOL & Core Values / Motives
  • 10yr & SomedayGoals

Part 2: 5yr Vision & Roadmap

  • EOL Goals & Accomplishments
  • EOL & Core Values / Motives
  • 3-5yr Goals & milestones

Part 3: Annual Goal Priorities

  • Top 3-5 Professional + Personal Goal Commitments
  • Monthly-Weekly Priorities & Time-blocks
  • #1 Q1 Goal Next Step(s) & Habit challenge


Bonus: Breakout Goal Planning session * Silver + Gold packages

  • #1 Q1 Goal Planning Worksheet + Action Steps
  • Next #2-3 Annual Goal Planning Worksheets
  • List All Annual Goals in  Task-Project Mgrs. (Todoist/ClickUp)

Get Clarify. Get a Plan. Get Support. 

Live/Video Workshop




  • 1/2 Day Live/Video Workshop
  • 1 yr Video Replay Access
  • Goals Workshop Workbook
  • * Save $50 off Reg. $99 price if you enroll before 11/30/22
Full Workshop + Coaching




  • 1/2 Day Live/Video Workshop
  • 1 Yr Video Replay Access
  • Goals Workshop Workbook, Templates & Productivity Master Course ($99 value)
  • 2hr Breakout Plan Session
  •  30-45min. 1:1 Coaching Call
  •  * Save $50 off Reg. $249 price if you enroll by 11/30/22


About The Goals Workshop Teacher,
(Eric Michael Cap)

Eric Michael Cap is a passionate multi-talented Content Creator, Marketing Professional & Coach. Eric has run his own successful Creative Agency / Production Business @ GOLD STREET for over 2 Decades in Los Angeles, fulfilling the roles of Creative Dir/Mgr, Writer/Producer & Audio/Video Editor-Mixer. He's a committed Christian, Husband & Father who loves helping & serving like-minded People with excellence.


Here’s what people are saying about ERIC

Exceedingly Inspirational, Creative & Knowledgeable


- City Council Candidate


From Concept to Finished Product, he was a Pro Every Step of the way

Mary Anderson-Harris

- PR Consultant


He makes sure the job gets done well and he goes the extra mile to make sure it's done right

Jim Garcia

- Producer


A Personal Note

I want to personally encourage you to commit today to Being & Doing Your Best! I believe this workshop can help you be more successful & make significant progress on the goals that are most important to you. I hope you sign up so I can share the proven life & business goal planning methods I and others have used to narrow your focus and achieve your Goals!

Save $50 with Early-Bird Pricing before 11/30/22

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