Make 2022 Your Best Year Ever with our New Year Goal Planning Workshop

Accomplish More than ever before by Doing Less… even if you have ADHD!

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Save $50 off reg. pricing with Early-Bird Enrollment until January 31, 2022 

Jump-Start 2022 by clarifying your most important goals and who you want to become

Too many people are living with the discontent & regret that comes from hoping & "wishing" their goals into existence. They start each New Year with excitement & well-intentioned resolutions only to fail to follow through doing what they said they were going to do. I understand the feelings of lament & failure so many people experience from broken habit commitments & failure-to-execute on their business plans. 

As a dreamer, I've learned how to go from "hoping" to experiencing weekly wins, and making measurable progress towards my "big rocks". I've also learned to enjoy the journey & process of becoming "better", celebrating the measurable gains that come from intentional investing of my limited time (& resources) into my most important life goals. I'm super excited to share some of the tools I've used to move from dreamer to do-er in our new Goal Planning Workshop.

Don't let another year go by without experiencing lasting personal changes & business/career break-throughs - get the help & support you need to clarify, plan & execute on your priorities & projects. Enroll Now!

GOLD STREET Goal Planning Workshop

Join other Creative & falth-based Entrepreneurs for a 1/2 Day Goal Setting workshop Saturday, March 26th from 9am-1pm. Discover your core values, imagine your someday/10years goals, work backwards to your 3-5yr vision and 2022 goal priorities. Determine your lead domino habits and join an accountability group to help you become the person you desire. #goals #2022 #newyear #newyou #bestversion #habits #values 

Who is this for?

The Dreamer

Creative Entrepreneur

You're a Creative Entrepreneur striving to try to turn your ideas into a profitable business using your unique talents.

The Learner

Career Professional

You're a Career Professional striving to learn new skills to add more value & better serve your company/clients.

The Doer

Business Owner

You're a Business Owner looking to grow & scale while maintaining a healthy & happy work/life balance.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Commit & Sign Up

LIFE GOALS & dreams

Start with the End in Mind. Imagine your EOL Someday or 10yr Goals & Vision.

5-1 Year GOALS

Work backwards to roadmap your 5yr & 1yr Life Goal Milestones.

HABITs & timeblocks

Plan your Priorities! What can do every mth/wk to execute on your Annual Goals.

Upon sign-up you'll receive a confirmation email with details of how to join us live on Zoom for our January Goals Intensive. One week before the Live Online Event you'll receive a reminder email with links to download the Workshop materials and a final email notification a day before. Simply click the Zoom link to join the Workshop on Saturday, March 26th. During our morning session we'll go through a series of exercises to help you Clarify your 2022 Goals & Priorities by narrowing your focus to the few key things that will help you accomplish your 5-10 year Life Goals & Business Vision. We'll create a 1 page Success Plan around the key activities you need to do every month-week-day to Achieve Your Goals. We'll then create a Goals G.P.S. (Goal Planning sheet) for your #1-Thing, which you can replicate & complete later for each Work/Personal Goal every Quarter.

Those who sign-up for the Silver Workshop + Breakout Session package will receive an extra 2hrs of Group Goal setting time to work through your Calendar to Time-Block your Rest/Vacation time, along with the regular Daily/Weekly Goal Actions needed to make consistent measurable progress. You'll also be asked to commit to 1 new Habit you can do every day to become the person you need/want to be for those you love/serve, and join an accountability group you can check in with and receive support from so you don't have to journey alone. The following week everyone will receive an email with a link to access the Goal Planning Course/Workshop replay and a survey. Those who have signed up for the Gold Full Workshop + Coaching package will receive a link to schedule their bonus Coaching call as well as our Productivity for Creative Entrepreneurs Course to help you Win @ Work + Life by Planning & Executing on Your Most Valuable Priorities. #GTD *** SIGN-UP BY DEC. 31ST FOR SPECIAL EARLY-BIRD PRICING ***

Goals Sessions

- Here's what you'll learn & leave with.


Part 1: Life Goals

  • EOL Goals & Accomplishments
  • EOL & Core Values / Motives
  • Someday or 10yr Goals 

Part 2: 5yr Vision & Roadmap

  • EOL Goals & Accomplishments
  • EOL & Core Values / Motives
  • Someday or 10yr Goals  

Part 3: Annual Goal Priorities

  • Top 3-5 Professional + Personal Goal Commitments
  • Monthly-Weekly Priorities & Timeblocks
  • #1 Q1 Goal Next Step(s) & Habits challenge


Bonus: Breakout Goal Planning session * Silver + Gold packages

  • #1 Q1 Goal Planning Worksheet + Action Steps
  • Next #2-3 Annual Goal Planning Worksheets
  • List All Annual Goals in Todoist/ClickUp Task Mgrs

Get Clarify. Get a Plan. Get Support. 

Live/Video Workshop




  • 1/2 Day Live/Video Workshop
  • 1 yr Video Replay Access
  • Goals Workshop Workbook
  • * Save $50 off Reg. $99 price if you enroll before 1/31/22
Full Workshop + Coaching




  • 1/2 Day Live/Video Workshop
  • 1 Yr Video Replay Access
  • Goals Workshop Workbook, Templates & Productivity Master Course ($99 value)
  • 2hr Breakout Plan Session
  •  30-45min. 1:1 Coaching Call
  •  * Save $50 off Reg. $249 price if you enroll b4 1/31/22

About The Goals Workshop Teacher,
(Eric Michael Cap)

Eric Michael Cap is a passionate multi-talented Content Creator, Marketing Professional & Coach. Eric has run his own successful Creative Agency / Production Business @ GOLD STREET for over 2 Decades in Los Angeles, fulfilling the roles of Creative Dir/Mgr, Writer/Producer & Audio/Video Editor-Mixer. He's a committed Christian, Husband & Father who loves helping & serving like-minded People with excellence.


Here’s what people are saying about ERIC

Exceedingly Inspirational, Creative & Knowledgeable


- City Council Candidate


From Concept to Finished Product, he was a Pro Every Step of the way

Mary Anderson-Harris

- PR Consultant


He makes sure the job gets done well and he goes the extra mile to make sure it's done right

Jim Garcia

- Producer


A Personal Note

I want to personally encourage you to commit today to Being & Doing Your Best! I believe this workshop can help you be more successful & make significant progress on the goals that are most important to you. I hope you sign up so I can share the proven life & business goal planning methods I and others have used to narrow your focus and achieve your Goals!

Save $50 with Early-Bird Pricing before 1/1/22. 

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