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Gold Street Health Nuts VALB Press

Gold Street Health Nuts VALB Press

by Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET

Gold Street and Health Nuts Media celebrate 10 years with the "Welcome to VA Long Beach" animated video project

Gold Street and Health Nuts Media celebrate 10 years with the launch of the "Welcome to VA Long Beach" animated video series for new patient education program

BURBANK, CA, USA, April 29, 2022 / -- Gold Street and Health Nuts Media celebrate their 10-year work partnership with the launch of the "Welcome to VA Long Beach"animated video series recorded at GoldStreet studio by VO Producer Eric Michael Cap. The videos feature VALB Medical Center Director Walt Dannenberg voicing his fun animated character to launch their "VIP Experience", a customized educational platform for their veterans.

Health Nuts Media is healthcare’s leading producer of health-related animation content for health education, staff training, and marketing. Founded in 2010 by Emmy Award winners Tim Jones and Al Rosson, Health Nuts Media has developed the “secret sauce” to bring the wonderful world of entertainment to the complicated realm of healthcare.

"For years, we have refined combining 'the complex' with 'the fun' to develop a truly unique offering: bringing the power of story to the medical domain, with compelling and impactful results. Nobody else delivers such well-produced and delightful-yet-helpful healthcare messaging tools." - Tim Jones, CEO

Eric and his team at Gold Street began working with Tim & Al 10 years ago and have recorded animated voiceover dubs for multiple video series including An Asthma Tale, Understanding Diabetes, Common Conditions, What's That Mean, and Super H.E.R.O.E.S. (Hospital Essentials 1 & 2) in Spanish. Health Nut Media premium healthcare content has been featured at some of the nation's premier hospitals including Boston Children's Hospital, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, Kaiser-Permanente, and UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital - to explain difficult medical conditions and treatments in simple yet entraining ways both parents & children can understand.

"We've worked with Eric and Gloria at Gold Street many times, and I'm always impressed with their energy and professionalism. Whenever we have to translate and dub any of our videos into Spanish, there is no other team I enjoy working with more. From translation to casting to recording and editing, every project flows smoothly and I trust that all of the work is of the highest quality. I cannot recommend them more highly." - Tim Jones, Health Nuts Media CEO

Gold Street provides professional broadcast-quality voice-over recording, editing/lip-syncing & audio mixing services, specializing in voice-over projects for videos that require the casting & recording of multiple character voices. Eric has 22 years of experience recording voice animation & foreign language dubbing, ADR for TV/Film, podcasts, web & social media content, radio & TV commercials, corporate & industrial videos, documentaries, and audio commentaries. They also record voices for coaching & e-Learning courses, audio books, toys & family-friendly video games.

"We're blessed to have access to some of the best English & native-speaking Spanish Talent in the world in L.A. - which means you get great acting performances! We make the voice over dubbing process easy by offering everything you need in-house to save you time, money & hassle. You get a seamless experience with full project management & added-value services (as needed) such as script copywriting & editing, casting/booking talent, translations/adaptations, releases/payments, secure assets delivery & backup." - Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET

Some of the exceptional Voice Talent used on past projects include Susanna Ballesteros, Eduardo Roman Jewels Jaselle, George Duran, Alejandra Gollas, Gerardo Prat, Katie Leigh, Jackie Torres & Olivia Preci, who also works on the Spanish translation/adaptation team with Gloria Quesquen-Cap.

The latest project of custom animated videos is part of an innovative patient education program to improve outcomes and the Veteran Experience @ Long Beach Healthcare System. The program, titled VIP Experience - Patient Education Transformed, gives Veterans a state-of-the-art healthcare experience while providing new tools to enhance provider-Veteran engagement both in-person and virtually. This program was developed by a team of experts working with division chiefs at the VA to build the VIP Experience to meet their patients' needs and clinician's workflow. Ranging in focus from welcoming new patients to the Long Beach VA to explaining what to expect in a patient journey to tips on accessing specialized eye care, these videos use animation to help tell the story. Tim Jones, CEO of Health Nuts Media, notes;

"Going back to Frank Capra, Ted Geisel, Mel Blanc, and the animators at Warner Bros. who produced animated videos for the military in the 1940s, animation has long been used to overcome literacy and health literacy issues, break down cultural barriers, and deliver important health information. The leadership team at VA Long Beach has an impressive vision for delivering a transformational patient education experience for Veterans in the 21st century, and we are honored to be a part of it." 

Join Walt Dannenberg, Tibor Rubin Medical Center Director, for an animated tour of the VA Long Beach Healthcare System. From an overview of the medical campus and a list of services & programs offered - to an introduction of Tibor Rubin, Mr. Dannenberg shows that at VA Long Beach "there is no better mission than to serve those who have served."


About Gold Street: 

Gold Street is a Media Content & Marketing Agency that specializes in purpose-driven production & storytelling. Eric Michael Cap, Founder & CEO, has over 2 decades of experience creating content & campaigns that drive engagement and deliver results.

About Health Nuts Media:
Health Nuts Media (HNM) specializes in understanding the barriers and facilitators of successful communication, using animation and narrative storytelling to engage, educate, and empower patients and staff alike. The human brain is a story processor, not a data processor; that's why HNM uses the power of story to create highly entertaining "teachable moments" that are Seriously Fun!

VA Long Beach Healthcare System (VALBHS) is one of the most diversified health care systems in VA, and it includes Tibor Rubin VA Medical Center located in Long Beach, California, and six Community-Based Outpatient Clinics located in Anaheim, Gardena, Laguna Hills, Santa Ana, Santa Fe Springs, and Villages at Cabrillo in Long Beach. VALBHS provides comprehensive inpatient, outpatient, and extended care programs. It employs over 3,000 employees and is the healthcare provider of choice for more than 50,000 Veterans. Link

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