November 19

Productivity Course Press Release

Productivity Course Press Release

by Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET

Gold Street's Productivity Course puts Creative Entrepreneurs back in control of their Time, Business & Life

New Online Courses and Coaching programs help "ADD" Creative Entrepreneurs Get Clarity, Plan & Prioritize their Work/Life, and Get Things Done!

BURBANK, CA, USA, November 4, 2021 / -- Gold Street today announced new online courses and coaching programs putting creative entrepreneurs back in control of their complex lives and businesses. Available now, Gold Street is offering both regular courses and advanced courses with coaching to help busy professionals who want to excel to clarify their priorities, plan their next steps and execute on their most important goals.

“We want to help like-minded creative business people optimize themselves and their productivity to accomplish more everyday - week - year,” said Eric Michael Cap, Creative Mgr. & Founder of Gold Street. 

“The internet is flooded with too many people who have never run successful long-term businesses (while enjoying a rich & rewarding personal & family life) giving advice or regurgitating old content. I've run a successful work-from-home creative business for over 2 decades with ADD and I can help people create a customized "hybrid" (paper/digital) system using the best products & practices to narrow their focus, plan their work priorities & execute on their goals i.e. Get-Things-Done & Get Results"

Gold Street's new offerings include online courses (Master & Mini), coaching (1:1 & Group), and a new membership plan with discounted “Done-With/For-You” Creative Services packages to help busy people create & launch their content channels, products, and services.

"What could I accomplish this year by narrowing my focus & doing more of the 'essential work' that moves the needle and leads to the successful outcomes I desire?” — Eric Michael Cap

Clients start by meeting with their coaches to set clear goals and expectations. After expectations are set, regular accountability meetings are conducted as needed to ensure clients are making consistent progress towards accomplishing their goals and get advice/tips on what they can do to increase their "performance".

Cap said, “Imagine every confused & overwhelmed creative business person reviewing their quarterly & annual goals, feeling a sense of accomplishment knowing their focussed hard work has helped them achieve the success they deserve and with a clear path to be and do even more.”

Gold Street's "digital hybrid" productivity systems puts entrepreneurs back in control of their life and work.

Cap adds, “The question every entrepreneur will be asking is, ‘What could I accomplish this year by narrowing my focus & doing more of the "essential work" that moves the needle and leads to the successful outcomes I desire?’”

To learn more about the new productivity courses & coaching programs, and Gold Street's creative agency and marketing services visit

About Gold Street

Gold Street is a Media Content & Marketing Agency that specializes in purpose-driven production & storytelling. Eric Michael Cap, Founder and CEO, has over 2 decades of experience creating content & campaigns that drive engagement and deliver results.

Media Contact: Catherine Giese

Communications & Social Media Dir.

GOLD STREET | Eric Michael Cap 818-570-3752


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Eric Michael Cap is the Creative Leader & founder of Gold Street - a Music & Media Content + Marketing Agency based in Burbank, (Los Angeles County), CA. He's run a successful purpose-driven business for over 2 decades, has been married for 22 years, and a committed Jesus-follower for 3 decades. He attends Mariners Church in Irvine (Orange County) where he leads a Men's Life Group, and is a Faith Driven Entrepreneur facilitator. His daughter is a Biology major @ UCLA. Eric enjoys the beach, hiking, music, photography & people. #EricMichaelCap #GoldStreet #entrepreneur

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