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Personal Ministry of  Eric Michael Cap is launching in 2022/Q1 to connect Christian Creatives, Entrepreneurs & Businesses to faith-based communities to Create, Multiply & Glorify GOD. Our goal is to inspire & encourage others to use their unique gifts/talents to show & share Jesus' love, as we live out our higher purpose together in the marketplace. Below are a few ways we can connect & grow spiritually in the new year, #bettertogether.

The Challenge

Are you Driven by a Vision to Create

but find yourself doing it all alone?

As Creatives & Entrepreneurs, this is sometimes how we operate isn't it? We rely on only ourselves to get things done. But too often, this lone-wolf mentality leads to isolation. Loneliness. Or even worse. You need a pack. A few close confidants who have your back. Good friends who encourage and affirm you. And yes, even those trusted few who help guide and correct you. You need allies. 

Where can you find these battle-tested companions? In a Faith Driven Entrepreneur Group or Life Group. Together with 10-15 other like-minded people traveling the same road, you can spend just 8-10 short weeks bonding, sharing, and connecting with one another. On a deep and significant level. By establishing these meaningful relationships, you now have a group of allies to do life and work with together. And it begins with your commitment to Join.


3 Ways to Connect & Grow



Faith Driven Entrepreneur
SoCal Cohort + Groups


Mariners Church Men's Life Group (hybrid) + Ministries


Online Faith-based Creatives & Business Groups + Directory

Solution #1 - FDE Groups


Join me as I partner with Faith Driven Entrepreneur for a 8-week study with a small group of like-minded Creatives &  Entrepreneurs walking this same road as you. Our virtual SoCal Group kicks off ⏰  Thursday, January 20th @ 6:30 pm. Spots are limited, so don't wait! You can register now here:


Men's Life Group

Join my Men's Life Group to Grow in your Relationship with GOD + Others

Solution #2 - Life Groups


Join me as I partner with Mariners Church Irvine for a bi-weekly hybrid/online Men's Life Group with a small group of great guys the same age & stage in life as we go through sermon series & study guide discussions, fellowship, pray & connect in-person for Church Services, Men's Breakfasts & Camps, Marriage Events and fun post-service Lunch, Dinners & activities like hiking, boating & more. You don't have to do Life alone! Our 2022 virtual SoCal Group kicks off ⏰  Wednesday, January 12th @ 6:30 pm. We have just a few open spots, so don't wait! You can complete this interest form or email me to join.

P.S,  If you're a woman or couple looking for a small group to connect with, check out Mariner's Church Life Groups here.

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Solution #3 - Creative + Business Connections


Join our Christian Creative Business Online Groups on Facebook or LinkedIn later in Q1/2022 to connect with other Creative Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Businesses for mutual encouragement, networking & resourcing your needs. We're also creating a FREE Online Business Directory where you can list the products & services you offer and what you're interested in (buying or hiring, etc.) Our goal is to encourage people of faith to support & bless each other by doing business with one another in a safe place as we navigate the "cancel-culture" world we now live in. #blessbelievers #serve #integrity

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About The Founder - Eric Michael Cap

Eric Michael Cap is the Founder & Creative Leader of GOLD STREET - a Media Content + Marketing Company based in Burbank, CA (Greater Los Angeles area). He's run his faith-driven small business for over 2 decades, has been married for 21 years & a committed Jesus-follower for 3 decades. He attends Mariners Church in Irvine (Orange County) where he leads a Men's Life Group. His daughter is a sophomore at UCLA studying Biology. Eric enjoys the beach, hiking, music, photography & people.

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