October 26

Purpose & Prayer

Purpose & Prayer

by Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET

Connecting your Work / Business to a Higher Purpose

Staying connected to our work's higher purpose (above making money) helps us to pursue business goals with the "right" motivation. When we focus on helping others achieve their goals by serving them well, we invariably accomplish ours. It seems counterintuitive, but we win when we help others win. 

Reflective Prayer & meditation helps us Focus & work on-Purpose towards our higher Goals, instead of getting lost in the daily work whirlwind (email, slack, zoom meetings, working on other people's priorities, constantly putting out fires & grabbing low-hanging fruit). 

Remember Your Work "Why"? (or) "Higher Purpose"? as you go about your day & enjoy the calm peace of not sweating the small stuff by keeping your eye on the bigger picture.

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Higher Purpose / Work on Purpose

Too many people go to work for a paycheck doing (soul-killing) work they don't love, for people they don't like, feeling what they do doesn't matter or make a difference. 

God wants us to enjoy & find meaning in our work. When we connect our Work "Why" to a Higher Purpose bigger than ourselves, we find the motivation to excel & exceed beyond just doing the job we're paid to do. 

Taking time every morning before the workday whirlwind begins to reflect, meditate & pray about Who & How we can serve people well, can make all the difference.

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About the Author

Eric Michael Cap is a passionate multi-talented Writer/Producer & Audio/Visual Story-Teller. Eric has run his own successful Creative Agency-Production Business @ GOLD STREET for over 2 Decades in Los Angeles. He's also a Christian, Husband & Father who loves helping & serving like-minded People with excellence. How Can We Help You? #EricMichaelCap #GoldStreet

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