January 10

Kpop Singers

Kpop Singers

by Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET

Female Kpop Singers Opportunity

GOLD STREET is looking for a couple of great bi-lingual English/Korean female session vocalists for the following music/passion projects:

1. English adaptation cover recordings of select songs/remixes by Brave Girls, Twice, etc. (3-5 songs)
2. Recording Korean adaptations/versions of Orig. Pop-R&B-Dance songs for Kpop Mkt. (8-12 songs)
3. Potential Live Performance Show with multiple singers & band to showcase songs/performers (mixed set)

Our VISION: To create entertaining & fun K/Pop music, content, and opportunities for artists who don’t fit the industry ideals re beauty-age-performing standards, incl. aspiring & former trainees, artists/groups, as well as current Kpop group member solo projects, etc., and to transform the Kpop industry by promoting faith-based values, work/life balance, and a loving & inspiring support community (oasis) for those wanting to crossover into the U.S.-Int’l. markets and monetize their brand/content.  #bettertogether #create #opportunity #freedom #joinus

We offer a fun & enjoyable creative experience designed to bring out the best in you; opportunities to learn & grow professionally/personally; and the support/coaching you need to succeed.

Flexible per-song pay &/or royalties/profit-sharing (collaborations), or barter/trade arrangements depending on the person, talent, speed & need.

Here’s what we need from you:

1. You can sing well in both Korean & English, both lead parts & harmonies <img draggable=” />
2. You can help with song translations & adaptations and Social Media (Korean-English/English-Korean) <img draggable=” />
3. You’re a Kpop fan of girls’ groups like Twice, Itzy, Brave Girls, BlackPink, New Jeans, etc. <img draggable=” />
4. You’re able to record in my Burbank Studio &/or remotely on your own <img draggable=” />
5. Bonus points if you can dance &/or choreograph <img draggable=” />


Please reply via email in English with links to Music Samples, your per-song rates for recording &/or hourly $, along with translation/adaption interest, and any other info. you’d like to share. Thanks!


I will be scheduling 15-20min. calls/zooms with selected singers to make sure we’re a good fit, provide more project details incl. music samples, and select & plan our first song recordings.

Music Mixing Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Pop, Voice

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About the Author

Eric Michael Cap is the Creative Leader & founder of Gold Street - a Music & Media Content + Marketing Agency based in Burbank, (Los Angeles County), CA. He's run a successful purpose-driven business for over 2 decades, has been married for 22 years, and a committed Jesus-follower for 3 decades. He attends Mariners Church in Irvine (Orange County) where he leads a Men's Life Group, and is a Faith Driven Entrepreneur facilitator. His daughter is a Biology major @ UCLA. Eric enjoys the beach, hiking, music, photography & people. #EricMichaelCap #GoldStreet #entrepreneur

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