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Kpop charts 2022

Kpop charts 2022

by Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET

These are a few of my favorite Kpop Songs & Artists for 2021-22. Enjoy the Music Playlists! - EMC

Top 15 Kpop Songs 2022

A Playlist for my Fav. Kpop Music for 2022 (@12/15). Enjoy! #kpop #spotify

1. Talk That Talk - Twice
2. Life's Too Short Aespa
3. Thank You Brave Girls
4. Boys Like You - Itzy
5. Heart Burn Sunmi
6. 24/7 DKB
7. Yummy Yummy Love Momoland
8. Sneakers Itzy
9. POP! - Nayeon
10. Pink Venom - Black Pink
11. Forever 1 Girl Generation
12. Whistle - Brave Girls
13. Hype Boy - New Jeans
14. Hurt - New Jeans
15. O Eh O - MC.Minzy/Eunji

Top 10 Kpop Songs 2021

A Playlist for my Fav. Kpop Music for 2021 (*Girls). Enjoy! #kpop #spotify

1. Rollin' - Brave Girls
2. We Ride - Brave Girls
3. I Can't Stop Me - Twice
4. The Feels - Twice
5. ScientistTwice
6. Alcohol Free - Twice
7. Strawberry Moon - IU
8. Love Sick Girls - Black Pink
9. How You Like That - Black Pink
10. Chi Mat Ba Ram - Brave Girls

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