Full Productivity Course Trailer

Lesson 12 Module 4

This Course will Help You Capture, Clarify & Commit 

to your Weekly Priorities & Get-Things-Done!


You've invested in various Planners, Task Managers, Books, Online Courses, etc., but it's Not Helping; You still feel like you're spinning your wheels on a treadmill in the whirlwind of day-to-day work challenges and a never-ending To-Do List. You love the feeling of writing things down on paper, but you work in a Digital World with so many moving pieces & people & products to manage. On top of that, you're an "ADD" Creative / Entrepreneur type who has more ideas than time & resources.

I understand exactly how you feel and I battle these same challenges every day. But I've learned what I need to do to Get Organized & Get-Things-Done and how to Focus on just a few Goals, Roles & (high-leverage) Tasks every Week & Work Day, to create the most value for my People/Clients & the highest (mutual) ROI. I share my "hybrid" system in this course & will share more "Big Picture" Life/Goal Planning methods & advice in a future course.

I want as many people as possible to have access, so we've created 2 simple packages to help you create your own custom hybrid system that works for you, regardless of your Planner or Task Manager. And because I value your time as much as mine, there's no fluff here; You'll learn how I use various productivity tools to run my business, create content, market & sell my products & services, serve my people/clients and balance my personal & family life. You could easily spend 3-to-10 times the cost of this Course and not get the principals, practical productivity tips & personal support I offer in our course packages. In fact, most reputable productivity coaching starts @ $300/hr! You can watch this course & start immediately with our custom Productivity Templates for Todoist & other task/project managers. We also offer Discount Codes to some of our favorite Planners!

Imagine being able to knock-off work early (3-4pm) without any angst or guilt to pick-up your kids, exercise, read, write, play...or just relax (you deserve it!), knowing you've done what matters most. Start enjoying your Work & Family & Life again by taming your todo's & making "your work" work for you. Cheers! - EMC