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Full Focus Planner Course Reg


Get Clarity, Plan & G-T-D! Learn How to use the Full Focus Planner + Todoist in a hybrid system to manage your Goals, Projects & Teams. If you struggle with Overwhelm, Procrastination or Failure-to-Implement, this Course is For YOU! GOLD STREET Creative Dir/Mgr.  Eric Michael Cap walks you through his custom productivity system for Creative Entrepreneurs & Business owners.


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You’ve invested in various Planners, Task Managers, Books, Online Courses, etc., but it’s Not Helping; You still feel like you’re spinning your wheels on a treadmill in the whirlwind of day-to-day work challenges and a never-ending To-Do List. You love the feeling of writing things down on paper, but you work in a Digital World with so many moving pieces & people & products to manage. On top of that, you’re an “ADD” Creative / Entrepreneur type who has more ideas than time & resources.

I understand exactly how you feel and I battle these same challenges every day. But I’ve learned what I need to do to Get Organized & Get-Things-Done and how to Focus on just a Few Goals, Roles & (high-leverage) Tasks every Week & Work Day, to create the most value for my People/Clients & the highest (mutual) ROI. I share my “hybrid” system in this course & will share more “Big Picture” Life/Goal Planning methods & advice in a future course. * COURSE Overview

$99 online COURSE

Productivity for "ADD" Creatives & Entrepreneurs