June 14

Dariush Peykar

Dariush Peykar

by Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET

Music - Dariush Peykar

Dariush CD Cover
Dariush CD Back

YE GOOLEH ATISH is a 10-song CD by Persian Music Artist Dariush Peykar recorded & mixed by Eric Michael Cap @ Gold Street in 2010. All Vocals were recorded, edited & mixed in Pro Tools by Eric, who also produced a Dance Remix for the title track in Logic Pro. The Tracks were Mastered by Eric in WaveBurner using Waves plugins and the CD was manufactured by Disc Makers and distributed via CDBaby to Apple/iTunes, AmazonSpotify, iHeart, etc., as well as select Los Angles Retail Stores.

Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET created all Graphic Design elements incl. CD Cover Art & Booklet, Promotional Postcards & Posters for Marketing, as well as the DariushPaykar.com website. We also Produced 3 Music Videos and 12 Commercial Promos for TV/Radio Broadcast in 2010, featured on Tapesh TV & Radio Javan. All Videos were Edited by Eric in Final Cut Pro 7, Motion Graphics, Color Grading, Compressor Encoding & DVD Studio Pro Authoring. Shot with Sony EX-1 and Panasonic HVX-200/a HD Cameras.





Begoo Ba Many

Valla Bella * 

Ye Gooleh Atish * 

Har Che Baseh


Ta Hamiseh


Shirin Kam




Cheshmayeh Ahoo

Az Asemoon

Ye Gooleh Athish (remix)*


CD Artwork Graphic Design by Eric Michael Cap - GOLD STREET

Dariush Peykar - Music Promo Videos playlist

Dariush Peykar - Music + Video BTS Photos

Music Video by Eric Michael Cap - Gold Street
Mansour, Dariush Peykar, Eric Michael Cap @ GOLD STREET

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