January 10

Calling From The Dream

Calling From The Dream

by Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET

Musical - Calling From The Dream

Calling From The Dream CD

Eric Michael Cap has composed & produced 10 songs for  Calling From The Dream - a Gospel Musical Soundtrack inspired by the Book of Revelation. The musical theatre production directed by David L. Morehead is in-the-works once funding is secured. Music styles encompassed in the production range from Christian Pop/Rock, to Gospel/R&B to Dance/Electronica. All music tracks were composed, recorded & mixed entirely in Apple Logic Pro by Eric, who programmed & played all instruments including keyboards & guitars. If you're interested in being a part of this life-changing project, drop us a line; We're looking for financial partners and musical-theatre talent to bring this dream to fruition, with a vision of performing the show throughout the country in church & community auditoriums - to inspire people to embrace God's Dream for their lives and the world. #create #multiply #glorify 





Calling From The Dream


Left Behind




The Beast



Come To Babylon


Scarlet Woman



Crystal City (New Jerusalem)


I Am Not Afraid (I'm a Believer)


I AM (Jesus)


Victory Song


Calling From The Dream Vision - Musical Theatre, Set & Costume Design

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About the Author

Eric Michael Cap is the Creative Leader & founder of Gold Street - a Music & Media Content + Marketing Agency based in Burbank, (Los Angeles County), CA. He's run a successful purpose-driven business for over 2 decades, has been married for 22 years, and a committed Jesus-follower for 3 decades. He attends Mariners Church in Irvine (Orange County) where he leads a Men's Life Group, and is a Faith Driven Entrepreneur facilitator. His daughter is a Biology major @ UCLA. Eric enjoys the beach, hiking, music, photography & people. #EricMichaelCap #GoldStreet #entrepreneur

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