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We provide Professional, Reliable & Affordable services for everyone.

We also offer Coaching & Consulting to help you Grow & Succeed.


Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET Produce Professional Podcasts for iTunes & other Podcast Platforms, as well as Live Audio/Video Streaming to YouTube & FaceBook. We can help you Plan & Write your Show, set-up your Hosting Service for RSS delivery to all major platforms, create Music Intros & Transitions, Produce Paid Sponsor AD's, Publish Show Notes, and Promote + Advertise your program on the Web & Social Media.

We offer both In-House & Mobile On-Site Recording of Multi-Episodes @ an economical day rate and fast Post-Production turnaround. We can connect & record up-to 4 Microphones & Headphones, Switch Live between up-to 4 HD Video Cameras for Video Podcasts, and playback Audio/Video Clips & Slides to external Monitors-Projectors via HDMI. Have a remote guest you want to interview? We can connect your Phone via Bluetooth or with a TRS cable, or incorporate Skype calls while automatically providing “mix-minus” audio to prevent echo being heard by the caller. Remote Guest Interviews never sounded so good! We can also easily incorporate Music/Jingles, Sound Effects/Applause and Pre-Recorded Ads LIVE to give your Podcast that Radio Broadcast polish.

We use high-end Studio Microphones from Electro-Voice, Neumann, Sennheiser, RODE & Shure. Our Audio Recording Interfaces use Class A Preamps & crystal clean A/D/A Convertors to deliver pristine Broadcast quality audio with an incredible low-noise floor. This signal is enhanced with build-in Compression, Noise-Gates & Limiting to ensure your sound has a rich warm tone.

Your Recorded Audio can be enhanced further in Post within Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro or Adobe Audition DAW's using plugins from Waves (SSL, API etc.) & Izotope (RX7). We record both Separate Tracks and a combined Stereo Mix to a SD card and our MacBook Pro laptop via USB into our DAW's @ 24bit/48k or higher, and output optimized Audio & Video files @ the proper levels for maximum fidelity.

Want to Learn More about Podcasting? Call 818-570-3752 or Message Us below & let us help you be heard! 

Your VOICE English / Spanish

We provide Professional Multi-Voice VO Recording & Dubbing services.

We also offer in-house Talent - Casting & Translations to save you Time & Money.


Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET provides professional broadcast-quality Voice Over Recording, Editing/lip-syncing & Audio Mixing services for our clients. We specialize in VO projects for Video that require the casting & recording of multiple (character) voices. Eric has 22+ years experience recording voice animation & foreign language dubbing, ADR for TV/Film, podcasts, web & social media content, radio & TV commercials, corporate & industrial videos, documentaries, and (DVD/Blu-Ray) audio commentaries. We also record voice for coaching & e-Learning courses, audio books, toys & family-friendly video games - using the best tools & industry-standard techniques to ensure deliverables meet your tech. spec's., timeframe & budget!

We're blessed to have access to some of the best English & native-speaking Spanish Talent in the world in L.A. - which means you get great acting performances! We make the voice-over/dubbing process easy by offering everything you need "in-house" to save you time, money & hassle. You get a seamless experience with full project management & added-value services (as needed) such as script copywriting & editing, casting/booking talent, translations/adaptations, releases/payments, secure assets delivery & backup. Get the job done right the first time! Message Us to Schedule a Call or request a Quote for your next project, or text 818.570.3752 to check our Producer/Studio & Talent availability.

Voice-Over services

Voice Over Recording

Neumann U87 - Shure SM7B - EV RE27 Mics into Audient - Avalon - Apogee - Focusrite Audio I/O into Mac Pro Tools - Audition - Logic DAW's.

Voice Over Editing/Sync

Dialog Editing & Sync to Picture for Animation & English-Spanish Dubs in Pro Tools or Audition. Clean-up with Izotope RX7 Adv. & Waves plugins.

Voice-over + M&E Mixing

Final Mixing with Music + Effects & Dialog-only stems using Waves & Izotope plugin FX on JBL LSR Studio Monitors to Std. Loudness specs.

Animation Dubbing

Multi-Character/Voice Recording + Editing/LipSync + Mixing to Picture in English & Spanish.

English-Spanish Dubbing

English-Spanish timed Translations for Dubbing, along with VO Recording + Editing/LipSync + Mixing to Picture.

VO Talent Casting

Voice Actor / Narrator Casting (English & Spanish), Bookings & Project Mgmt. for Multi-Voice & Advertising projects.

Pro Audio Post to Clean & Clarify your Sound 

We provide Professional & Affordable Audio Post for everyone.

We also offer Content & Training to help you Grow & Succeed.


Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET provides professional Audio Post-Production services in a timely manner at competitive rates. Our one-stop complete Audio Post work encompasses dialog editing, narration recording, VO/ADR, noise reduction, music & FX editing, sound design, audio "sweetening", stereo & 5.1 surround sound mixing, 2.0-5.1 up-mixing and mastering. We use Mac Pro + MacBook Pro systems running Avid Pro Tools 12, Adobe Audition, Logic Pro X, and various 3rd party plugins/products from Waves, Izotope (RX) & others, mixed through calibrated THX certified JBL LSR 4328 Monitors + 6312 (250W) Sub & LSR25 5.0 Speakers for surround, with a 16 channel Mackie Controller. Please Message Us all your project details (TRT, NLE used, video links, ADR/VO script, mix notes, schedule, budget) prior to calling 818-570-3752  to discuss your Audio Post needs.

Audio-Post services

Dialog Editing & Clean-up

Dialog Editing to Picture Avid Pro Tools, Adobe Audition & Apple Logic Pro. Clean-up with Izotope RX7 Advanced & Waves plugins.

Voiceover & ADR Recording

Neumann U87 - Shure SM7B - EV RE27 Mics into Audient - Avalon - Apogee - Focusrite Audio I/O into Mac Pro Tools - Audition - Logic DAW's.

Sound Design + M&E

Final Mixing with Music + Effects & Dialog-only stems using Waves & Izotope plugin FX on JBL LSR Studio Monitors to Std. Loudness specs.

Music Editing / Composition

Music Editing incl. Time-Stretching. Original Music & Song Composition-Production incl. Jingles & Scoring with Pro Session Musicians/Singers.

Re-recording Mixing 2.0

Final Mixing with Dialog + Music + Effects stems using Waves & Izotope plugins on calibrated 2.0/1 JBL LSR Studio Monitors to Loudness standard.

5.1 Surround Mixing*

5.1 Surround Sound Mixing & 2.0-5.1 UpMixing using Waves & Izotope plugins on calibrated JBL LSR Studio Monitors to Loudness standards.

Music to Move Your

Mind - Body & Soul  

We provide Creative Songwriting & Music Production services.

We also offer Music Content for Commercial TV/Film Licensing.

MUSIC Production + Song services

GOLD STREET Songwriter-Producer-Artist Eric Michael Cap makes Music that moves the Mind, Body & Soul; from contemporary Pop/R&B, Rock & Dance, to Christian & Gospel. Our Creative Music Services include: Songwriting - Music Production - Recording - Vocal & Music Editing - Mixing & Mastering. We work mostly with clients who require full music production & mixing. Our in-house Studio runs Apple Logic Pro X & Avid Pro Tools DAWs, with FX plugins by Waves (SSL/API), Izotope & more. Vocals are tracked with a Neumann U87, EV RE-27 or Shure Mics going into a Avalon 737 Mic Pre to Apogee - Focusrite Audio I/O. We Mix on calibrated JBL LSR 4328 Monitors, with a Mackie Control (MCU) for automation. We also have access to some of the best music talent in the world here in L.A. & remotely to take your songs to the next level. We serve indie & major label artists, tv/film, radio & advertising clients with high quality commercial music @ flexible licensing/rates. Click here to request a project quote or text 818.570.3752 to schedule a call to discuss your music needs.

Music Songwriting & Production services


Pop, R&B, Dance, Rock, Gospel, Christian, K-Pop. Music & Words. English-Spanish adaptations.

Music Production

Music Tracks creation in Logic Pro & Pro Tools. Drums & Bass, Keyboards & Guitars.

Mixing & Mastering

Final Mixing & Mastering in Logic Pro & Pro Tool on JBL Monitors to Loudness specs.


Lead & Backing Vocals. Keyboards, Guitars, Bass & other Instrumental overdubs.

Vocal Editing

Vocal comp editing & clean-up, pitch correction tuning, doubling & harmonies, FX processing.

Session Singers-Musicians

Singer & Musician casting, bookings, releases, Track delivery & payments. Remote & L.A. Studio sessions.

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We Create Transformational Audio Content that Matters & Makes a Difference! Our Audience & Client's go from Confused to Clarity & Confidence; from Frustration to Focus & Faith; from Overwhelm to Options & Opportunity; from Stress to Success. We provide Hope, Vision, Affirmation, Inspiration, Advice, Recommendations, and an ACTion Plan with Next Steps. Let's Get Started!


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Our Creative Team

We Love What We Do & We Love Serving our Client's with Excellence. Every member of the GOLD STREET Creative Team demonstrates our Core Values of Passion - Service - Excellence! We connect You with best Talent, using the best Tools + Techniques, to Create whatever A/V Media Content is needed to reach Your Audience with Your Message about Your "Products" + Purpose - on any Platform. What can We Help You Create?

creative director


Creative director

Audio/Visual Story-Teller. Writer. Musician. Photographer. Video Producer. Designer. Host - GOLD STREET Podcast/YouTube.

spanish voiceover dubbing translator



Spanish VO Dubbing Translator/Script-Super & Voiceover Talent. Spanish Teacher. Host - GQ Childcare+Parenting Podcast/YouTube.

audio voice talent directory



Voice Actors: English/Spanish - Male/Female

Sound Editors/Mixers | TV/Film Composers

Singers - Male/Female | Session Musicians


Featured Clients Success Stories

"Eric and I worked together on several Spanish dubbing projects for Committee for Children. Eric found some great talent for the project and then did some excellent audio production (recording, editing-syncing & mixing). Overall the videos were really well-received and everyone was happy! I'd work with Eric again in a heartbeat. He makes sure the job gets done well and he goes the extra mile to make sure it's done right. It doesn't get much better than that!"

Jim Garcia

- Producer / Director

" Working with Eric is terrific because he is a true professional. I'm very much impressed with Eric's knowledge of audio / editing / production, and more -- plus his energy and easy going nature is very much appreciated. I would recommend him to everyone!"

Jennifer Quinonez

- field writer / producer KCET

"We've worked with Eric and Gloria at Gold Street many times, and I'm always impressed with their energy and professionalism. Whenever we have to translate and dub any of our videos into Spanish, there is no other team I enjoy working with more. From translation to casting to recording and editing, every project flows smoothly and I trust that all of the work is of the highest quality. I cannot recommend them more highly."

Tim Jones


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